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Toor Dal

Indian subcontinent is the largest consumer of Toor daal. The pulse predominantly used in food is a rich source of proteins and nutrients. Also, known as pigeon pea, it has travelled to East and Africa as well making them one of the leading suppliers of the specific quality of different types of toor daal. In India, Gujarat and Maharashtra are the top producers of the daal. There are four types of toor daal which we supply.

  1. Arusa The ‘Arusa’ variety is supplied from Mtwara in Tanzania.
  2. Malawi The Malawi variety is available in red and white colour.
  3. Sudan origin Sudan toor is also known as whole toor is a rich source of fibres and proteins.
  4. Mozambique origin Mozambique is one of the biggest producers of toor daal in world which produces daal of different varieties such as, Chitra, Red and white, red.